I may have an opportunity to get a Snarling Dogs Mold Spore Wah for under £100, which is of course an awesome awesome deal.
My question is, would the MSW work well if my main guitar is a Washburn WI-66v (LP esque), I sometimes used distortion pedals (Boss OS2, OD1, those kinds), and I currently put it all through a Vox AD15VT, but I'm looking to upgrade to a Laney LC15, or a Marshall Class 5.
I play mainly Buckethead, Mastodon, Jimi Hendrix, and indie stuff.

So...what do you think? I'm guessing the MSW has enough features on it that I'd be able to get any tone I want out of it, but what do you think?
I'm definitely going to see if I can. He lives in London as well, so I'm hoping I can just drop by tomorrow or something to give it a test, make sure its all working, etc.