Peavey 6505 with Mesa traditional cab

What do you think about this setup. Have heard many mixed opinions on this, some say it's not a good fit (too much mids) and the oversize is a better match.

Since I already got the traditional cab, I'm looking for some reviews with that cab. None of the guitar shops in my town carry the 6505 in store. So trying it is not an option for now.

I'd say the Traditional is going to be a much better match than the Oversized cab

It will probably sound too loose and muddy with the OS cab. The Traditional will keep it nice and tight.

FYI: You can never have enough mids!
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Sounds good to me.


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FYI: You can never have enough mids!
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That's good to know, thanks guys

Any advice on the 6505+ vs 6505 with this cab ?
i have a 5150 and a mesa 2x12, so almost the same setup. sounds amaaaaaaaaaazing. im looking to get a 4x12 though, so i can run the 5150 and stiletto in stereo mmmmmmmm
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