I've really wanted to play this game again for the last few days, anyone know if I can just download it off the internet?
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If you're talking about one of the older ones, I'm pretty sure you can pick them up for like £2.
Oh wow that takes me back...

You could just torrent it to be honest. I haven't seen it in shops for years but then again, I haven't really looked in a games shop for years so you might have some luck.
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Just buy the game, like someone already said you can get it for about £2.
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Yeah I think it's doubtful any shop would stock this anymore, I don't think it would warrant shelf space...
What I just said is a lie.
AoE2? Its possable to torrent it, but thats illegal.

My advise is to just go on ebay or amazon, you can get them for like £6

or go to game or what ever and pick em up 2nd hand in-store for like a pound
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