I'm guessing that most of us have had an experience like this, a sudden development in your playing that brings it to a new level. Or maybe a few. I've only been playing for almost three years (and have been too cheap for lessons), so my example's pretty basic:

Sometime within the last year I noticed that I was actually pretty decent at alternate picking. That in itself isn't impressive, but what really surprised me was that I didn't remember ever intentionally practicing it. From that point on I started intentionally using alternate picking in riffs I'd previously just downpicked, as well as arpeggiating chords. They sounded a lot better, and my playing was much faster and smoother. Since then I've become more confident to challenge myself and I've become a much better player in the past few months than I had in the two years before that.

What about everyone else?
I just evolved yesterday i could do an a minor sweep perfectly from nothing so my confidence is pretty high atm
I'm still waiting for my first.

I would be ecstatic if strumming finally "clicked" for me. Then I'd be able to do something with all the chords I learned 10 years ago (just started trying to learn to play again).
I've been playing metal for years and always wanted to know how to do pinch harmonics and I finally realized that I've held my pick wrong for forever. It's so easy now! I just feel great about it...just thought I'd share...
my break through was realizing that i could play all the big arpeggios and stuff that are used for sweeping by doing weird string skipping tapping stuff. I found it completely impossible to sweep pick, but for some reason string skipping tapping with 2 fingers was easy.

also when i discovered how to play in key

I'm self taught, so i learned everything on my own.
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my first breakthrough was being able to switch open chords by having all fingers go to their respective strings/frets at once. especially the F and G chords. man those killed me.

And just recently i realized that i was holding the pick in a way that greatly reduced my tremolo speed, and also that my left hand was not always perpendicular to the fretboard. I wondered why i couldnt do these certain sets of exercises from these DVDs i have, once i fixed those things, the exercises clicked. There probably are some more things with my posture that i need to fix so i'm paying extra close attention.
When I randomly picked up the guitar one day and sweeping felt comfortable and I could do it.
I used to think solos were impossible for me to do.

Now I can actually manage some of the easier ones.
I've been playing for six years...

And I'm still not that great...so no breakthrough yet.
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Had a breakthrough when learning a Malmsteen song, think it was Blitzkrieg...yes his stuff is very technical, but that doesn't mean it's easy
Yesterday, I learnt Drifting by Andy McKee. It took so long, but I finally got all of it down.
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Finally yesterday improvised and it actually sounded good and like i wanted it to, becasue before it just sounded like random notes lol
One day I was really bored so I looked up some Between the Buried and Me tabs and just sat there practicing them for like 8 hours straight with a metronome. I played every day for at least 5 hours for the next week and I improved SO much. I still usually play for around 3 hours a day and guitar has become so much more fun since then
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Joining a band improved my skills dramatically, because I suddenly had other people to inspire me to work harder at it
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using dunlop jazz III picks improved my alternate picking in and instant, i can now alternate pick with any pick
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when I learned the stairway to heaven solo. I thought it was impossible, and nailing it gave me a confidence boost so I moved on to harder stuff (metal) which changed my musical tastes completely and now I'm working on sweep-tapping


I recently discovered that I was going to have to completely retrain myself to play with all 4 fingers. What a wall to break after 15 years, but last night I busted out a Pentatonic scale #1 at 180bpm or so after 30 minutes of 40BPM practice.
what a way to end the night. At the beginning of practice I was sliding finger 3 to the 4th position every time even though I was completely focusing on that (and keeping my right hand unanchored)

Unanchoring is going to be even harder than building up my pinky finger!
Everytime I learn something about theory (which for some reason is hard as hell to learn for me), when I learned chords I found I could play so much more stuff and now that I finally understood scales I'd be able to improvise and create a lot of good things.
My next barrier is sweeping and my damn pinky.