Hey guys.

Long story short,

I'm thinking of getting a Jackson DK2.
My question is (please no flamming) but has there been any diffrences when Fender bought Jackson?

I'm just curious.

Also second question


it says in the discription it has no middle pickup and on the pic there is a middle pick up
is the website wrong or right?

Thank you.
Some people will try to tell you that Jacksons built before the Fender buyout are superior in some way, but it's just not true. If anything Jackson's low point was under their previous owners AKAI and since FMIC bought the company the quality has improved somewhat.

As for that link, the link and spe sheet is for a DK2T, but the picture is of a DK2. The differences between those two guitars are that the DK2T has two humbuckers, while the DK2 has hum/single/single. Also, the DK2 has an LFR while the DK2T has a string through body bridge. (basically, any Jackson guitar with a 'T' in the model number is non-trem)