This is something I was working on a year or two ago, and I just pulled it up again. It needs something. Any ideas on either a third verse or what I need to add.


Understand Me

Woke up this morning,
And the sun had turned red,
Nothin' to do,
But hold my head,
There's nothin' inside,
No spirit at all,
With all these memories that haunt my walls.

And all this past,
There's no feeling at all,
And all these dreams,
They hinder my fall,
And your right here,
Yeah right beside me,
So why can't you just,
Understand me?

(Verse 2)
They're looking back,
At what I've done,
They criticize,
Your only son,
please understand me,
I want to break out,
And fulfill my dreams.

(Refrain again)

third verse?