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Vox AC4
22 81%
Fender Champion 600
2 7%
3 11%
Voters: 27.
So i'm looking for a small practice/uni amp (all valve) and have narrowed it down to these two.

What would you go for out of the two (I play indie, classic rock, funk and blues).

Am ideally looking for an amp with good cleans that also gives some bite when cranked up a touch.
Vox all the way. Its got more controls than the fender and doesn't sound thin when cranked.

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The vox absolutely destroys the fender. The 10" speaker in the vox makes a big difference, as does the attenuator. The fender is ok, and it's certainly got some appeal, but the Vox has undeniably superior sound quality and versatility.
I voted Vox but you should also play a Bugera V22.


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The Vox is flawless for $250. Amazing little amp. Makes me want a AC30
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