If a old woman, lets say 70, asked you to er, "service" for a night in exchange for any piece guitar, bass or amp, would you do it? Or keep your dignity?
ew, even considering it is disgusting
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wy is yer mad at muy gramhar fer?

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jimmybanks youre a genius


Any piece of guitar gear? And what kind of "service," exactly? I don't know if I could stomach oral, but for some typical shenanigans, I'd be down.
I would screw a granny for money, yes. And I'm gay too.
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What does dignity have to do with it? I get laid and I get a piece of guitar-related equipment?

I fail to see the dilemma.
I really don't see what this has to do with ethics.
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No way, even if you did. What guarantees that she'll really give you what you want?
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i would for like a high end fender or white falcon would be a plus if she didnt have teeth imagin the bj
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Depends on what she'd want. Oral on her would be a no-no.
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i wouldnt think twice. tbh, id do it for £20 LOL
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There really isn't a morals question to it since she is propositioning you and offering said tasty music equip. Unless you are currently involved with someone. If so, shame on you, you cheating Bastard.
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I'd have her sign a contract saying that if she has a heart attack during the sex I'd have nothing to do with it and the gear would still be mine..
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I would screw a granny for money, yes. And I'm gay too.

For some reason I'd rather screw a granny than a grandaddy

I'd ask for literally the most expensive piece of guitar gear in history, like a legends guitar or something, then I would sell it and have no worries for uni
I would go for it, but the very sight of my pen0r would give grandma a heart attack.
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At the moment?
No, I'm fairly satisfied with my gear, and I have a gf.

When single?
I would consider it, the answer would depend on the womans looks and the price of the gear...
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Yes I would.v

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