Hi Everyone,

This is Sam from N-Tune. We have recently had a ton of inquiries about installing N-Tune into 335 style instruments. I just wanted to post on a cool solution that a few guitar techs around the country have been doing to secure the battery. Our kits ship with a battery clip that adheres via industrial Velcro for most guitars and basses and is easy to secure once you remove the access panel. The problem with a semi-hollow bodied instrument is that you don't have an access panel. On top of this with so much open space in these instruments you definitely do not want the battery to come loose inside the guitar. What the techs in the field have been doing is wrapping the battery in foam rubber then compressing the foam and inserting the battery right on the inside of the F-hole. When the foam expands it secures the battery in place so it can't knock loose. I just thought this was a great solution so I thought I would share.

In conjunction to this if you guys have any wiring questions we have quite a few scenarios outlined on our site: http://www.ntune.com/main/downloads

I hope this helps

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