Have had some of the stuff for a week or so, but the entire thing is now complete!

4U Roadrunner Flight case:
- Furman Power Conditioner
- KORG DTR-1 tuner
- Gator 2U Rack sliding drawer WITH:
* ISP Decimator G-string
* Mesa Boogie Reverb Pedal
* Cables, ect
* True bypass switch box

Question on this tuner.. Could I run it in the FX loop or on the Recording out on my head? Instead of using the bypass box. If its going to affect my tone I don't want to do it, but It would be one less thing to lug around in my rig. I don't care if the silent tuning works.

Sorry about the pics, my GF has the camera so I used my phone.
Thanks guys.. Now all I need is my recto 4x12

Any ideas on where to run the tuner? FX Loop / Recording out?
does the recording out shut down the regular signal when in use? If not yeah run it in the recording out.
WTLTL 2011