forgive if this question has been asked already. i want to know if there is a device that could be place on my acoustic so i could plug in a cable and record it straight to my computer.
plz tell me if this is possible and what i need to buy
If you just want to record it, buy a microphone and a usb-interface (such as the one that is included in guitarrig, which is nice, as it has two 2 inputs for guitar/bass and one for a mic.
otherwise you can install a pickup. Keywords: "Pickup acoustic"
A piezo could sound great.
But usually to install a pickup you have to drill a hole into your guitar's body.

Actually this could be what you are looking for!
No problem at all. You can buy magnetic soundhole pickups, internal mics, contact transducers, or better still, a cheap USB condenser mic like the Samson C0-1U.