Poll: Which have you done?
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View poll results: Which have you done?
Consumed alcohol
419 95%
Got drunk
342 78%
Had sex
217 49%
Had unprotected sex
158 36%
Smoked a cigarette
255 58%
Smoked weed
244 55%
Taken any other illegal drug
139 32%
Voters: 440.
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No, I have not tried Poll Coming.

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All of them, with the exception of unprotected sex.
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Guilty of all, and most of them are usually in one night.
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All of them except cigarettes.
Hey look, a stoner/doom album.

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First three. Seems like I have an uneventful life in comparison to some.
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All of them.

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Why is there no 'none of the above' option?
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so i tried to set my strings on fire by putting a lighter on the high e string n it cut it so wtf??!!? i passed the lighter rrly slowly by it for less then a sec n then it snapped...
I've only smoked. Unfiltered lucky strikes FTW
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Why not just roll around naked in medical waste while you're at it?

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No sex or "other" drugs for me...

I chose not to do the "other drugs"..

The other is just FML material really..
All of them except the sex ones. Virgin in the house ya'll. Well, the only drug I've done is weed. So, no to the last one.
I wish I hadn't participated in the poll, now I have incriminating evidence that I have done these.... Awkward for me.
All of them.
The only ones I enjoyed were sex and alcohol.

Smoking and **** like that don't float my boat.
All except the last one.
All except unprotected sex and other drugs.
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All but "got drunk" and "taken any other illegal drug."

I almost clicked all of them.
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Kinda needed to consume the alcohol to get drunk
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I lack a "none of the above" option.

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All of them, with the exception of unprotected sex.

This. I'm too lazy to write it for myself, so I just quoted you.
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What is the point of this thread?

I hate when people set up a poll for no apparant reason... apart from maybe being an overly curious and noesy little mo fo.
I love my drugs
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Funny old world eh.
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Kinda needed to consume the alcohol to get drunk

but alot of people have consumed alcohol, but not got drunk, i.e glass of champagne ast a wedding
Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.
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