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Go to bed at the same time as usual
42 34%
Go to bed an hour later
24 20%
Go to bed much later
43 35%
Don't sleep at all
13 11%
Voters: 122.
Let's say that tomorrow you can wake up an hour later than usual. Do you
-Go to bed at the same time as usual, thereby getting an extra hour of sleep
-Go to bed an hour later, thereby getting the same amount of sleep
-Go to bed more than an hour later because that's how you roll
-Pull an all-nighter

Edit: I'm sorry for not including a "go to bed earlier" option; that thought was inconceivable in my mind.
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Where's the poll?

I go die for an hour.

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I am getting up an hour earlier than usual tomorrow and I'm going to bed at exactly the same time.
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i would tell myself id go to bed an hour earlier, but i'd be lying. in reality i would go to bed an hour later because my time management skills are poor
I'd go to sleep when I was tired. Like I do every night.
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Sleep at the same time I would normally sleep. Then I can wake up and have more free time to myself.

Fapping is always an option
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i would tell myself id go to bed an hour earlier, but i'd be lying. in reality i would go to bed an hour later because my time management skills are poor

Your lack of time management skills are no match for my lack of organizational skills! Hyaahhh!
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I normally go to bed at 1am if I have to get up at 6:30pm for classes.

If I could sleep in until like 12 or 1pm the next day...then I'd pass out at like 3 or 4am.

You get 17 and 1/2 hours of sleep?
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I go to bed much later resulting in less sleep than if I were to wake up at my usual time.

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i prefer the option that isnt listed...go to bed whenever and wake up the same time i always do. being 13hrs ahead of my friends and the servers, its better for me to wake up earlier to be logged in.
Go to bed an hour later. Is gud choice, mate ;o
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