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Best/Worst Parts?
Improvable Parts?
Overall Atmosphere?

EDIT : added lots of synths/strings , got rid of disharmony where neccesary, generally made it more memorable/less repetitive, changed song to be more symphonic deathcore rather then randomcore. Song is still random and dissonant though the first half (still need to improve/remove) . Tried to make drums less "haphazard".

REEDITED: whole new song now. Despite the Name, the genre now resides somewhere in blackmetal/progdoomdeath land. pretty much the only part of the original left is the breakdown.
Way less fast syncopation, some more blastbeat'n but with grace notes and subtlety incorporated a little.
The song is Harmonic Minor except "Casino" has some chromatic chugging and a flat seventh, too bring the saloon blues.
Check out the bass in "Doomed".
Only 4/9 of the parts I would consider "noisy". Less then 1/2 !
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EDITED When You Are Murdered, You Die.gp4
When You Are Murdered, You Die..gp4
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This style of metal is kind of difficult to dissect. I assume you listen to Iwrestledabearonce, because this is very similar in style. Its enjoyable, but the randomness of so much of it and the lack of any real melodies kind of makes it difficult to take it in.

If you don't listen to the aforementioned band, I would highly suggest checking them out to get some inspiration. Work in some electronic/synthetic elements to add the the atmosphere. You can find a range of insane sounds if you want to throw them down in this.

The song itself is not really overly memorable, but that isn't the nature of this type of song now is it? I can't really remember a single memorable and distinguishable riff from Iwrestledabearonce, yet I own one of their CDs and have enjoyed the random, ADD music it puts into my brain.


Rewrite the breakdown. The cliche blandness of chugging the 6th string openly annoys the **** out of me. That or write some synths over said chugging.
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I'm sorry man, but this is just noise for me.


i also agree with the advice given above. The name doesn't make sense but maybe that was the idea.
^Note: Probably sarcastic
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Mmmm....what the **** was that? 0_o I can't hear music in it. Just a couple of "dissonant riffs" maybe? o_0 Bar 27 made me laugh as madman.
I'm sorry but I can't crit this kind of music. It is just odd noise for me. Altough some kind of dissonance riffs you had in this song were cool, but it's too odd for me. I can't understand anything like this .
I turned off drums after like 30 seconds. that's what was making it annoying, because even though it still sounded really haphazard and dissonant, there seemed to be more structure and it didn't sound like a bunch of random noises.
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