Hi, this is my first build and I have just routered out space for two humbucker pups. I put them in to see how it looked and then through the strings on.

My worry is that the pickup screws dont line up under each string. I dont mind about how this looks because with out inspection you cant tell. But is this going to affect the sound at all.

Thanks very much.

(Basically the strings are to the right of where I imagine they should be and i dont know if this is a problem, sound wise)
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No picture. Also is your native language english?
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I don't see a picture...
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Sorry guys really bad typing that some how i didnt notice. Also I can't upload a picture for some reason
Go to imageshack.us and then upload it there, and grab the direct link and post it here
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do you mean the pickup polepieces are not directly under the strings?

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Yes well done samuwel. Thats exactly what I mean the pick-up polepieces are not directly under the strings. Is that a problem?
How far out are they? It wont massively make a different, but it might look a bit stupid.

Also I dont see how this is urgent?

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