I noticed this on the spider website, but it didn't seem to mention any new major improvement. In your opinion, what are the major advances between these new amps?
They added 2 new amp models - Class A and High Gain. And added quite a few effects, I think it was something like 7 on the original and now there's 20. Although 4 or 5 are delays. Also the looper.

That's basically it. I read somewhere they fixed the volume problem when changing presets but I don't know for sure. Also the preamp is still after the modeling and effects like the original.
I have a huge fear if rays.
i have the spider valve 212 mkii and i had the original 112 for a while and the mkii is way better than the original the gain is a lot better and it sounds more like a tube amp and it also has a manual button which makes it more like a real tube amp and the mkii doesnt have all the artist presets giving u more room for creating ur own sounds and u can now use the tube preamp thru the balanced xlr out which is nice if ur recording and u dont have mics overall great amp.