hey i haven't posted for a while, this song isn't really structured nor is it finished. Its just a rough draft. Please comment.
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I'll crit, I really have nothing for you to crit though, I haven't posted a song here in forever. I get in this thing of writing like, 6 amazing bars and then hating everything I try to put after it. So it sits unfinished.

Cool opening guitar thing. I think the drums don't really fit here too well though. Something else, a bit more mellow to match the acoustic would flow better.

I like the way you add a note and bar 5, it changes the chord up. Those drums still playing that beat.

At 9 where you have this bass feature, try like, playing a little bit of the regular lick, and then going off to something else. Of write a completely new part, a change is always good.

Oooh, I like they delay stuff at 13 but the riff is a little bit too much the same with the bass.

I didn't like the drums before, but this syncopated pattern at 17 is really nice. I might snake it.



21 is pretty nice sounding, but it's just fifths over and over really. Some different chords will fix this up for you.

29, you reprise the main riff, but I still think the drums are off, now they lack energy and have a lot of dry sounds (no resonance) and it doesn't fit so well.

And it ends.

Guitars were nice, I never felt like the drums were with the song though. and you pound that bass part too much.

I also hate when people use 40 for their snare sound, it sounds like someone is playing a weak shot on an electric set. but that is just personal preference.

For being incomplete and a draft, not bad. 7.5/10

hopefully you can crit something of mine if I can get it finished/posted.
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yeah thanks man, its veeery rough, i kinda just through a bunch of riffs together.