Hi, I have started playing a little slide guitar. Just simple stuff, like the main riff from in my time of dying. I want to start playing some more solo stuff (bluesy stuff) that is more intricate, but every time I try it, my slide catches on the other strings so there is no clarity. I have a metal slide and use it on my pinky. Is this something I am doing wrong (like using the wrong material or wrong finger or something) or is it just all down to practice.
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I have the same issue dude, I just try to mute the other strings with my pick hand as I play.
sliders i see ussually slide with thier ring finger or the ;third' finger as they call it in the music buisness IOI i myself use my 3rd finger good luck !!!
Nothing wrong with using your pinky to play slide.
Is your slide flared or not? It shouldn't really matter, but who knows.

Try muting with your picking hand.