So i picked up my acoustic today after (about) a two and a half week hiatus. Needless to say my finger picking has diminished greatly. The reason? I've been mainly doing picking on electric

My basic question is how do I balance picking practice, finger picking practice, and just straight messing around? I know there's probably no answer but how do the rest of you do it?

ALSO any fingerpicking exercises in general?

Thanks guys.
I've probably linked to this before, and I don't want to spam, so I'll just say I wrote a recent blog post about this.

Or, more specifically, it was about balancing "messing about" with what I call "directed learning"- both are very important in learning to play.

Link is below, look for my "3 point practice plan".

What are you practicing for anyway? I mean, what is it that you want to be able to do?