I was looking to put some new pickups into my MIM Strat and was wondering if anybody had any opinions/suggestions for me. I mostly play blues, classic rock, and a little bit of harder rock, but nothing metal. Here is what I was thinking of getting:

Neck - Lace Sensor Blue
Mid - Lace Sensor Gold
Bridge - Lace Sensor Red

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

P.S. I'll be running into a Peavey Classic 30
Clapton and Jeff Beck used those, so if you like them they may just be for you. I think they sound pretty good judging from Beck's amazing tone.
I believe clapton and beck both used the gold set. Beck might have used the hot golds.
The red is too hot for most people; I'd suggest either getting the hot gold set, or a silver-gold-gold or a silver-gold-blue set.
The hot gold set is my favorite one, it won't get you a humbucker sound but it's a great strat set.
I have the RED in a middle coil slot on my RG470. I dont know a lot about it really. I dont use it that much. I still get a lot of hum from it, but then again its not hum canceling either. So I guess thats not a valid complaint. But I find that its really not as hot as I think they make it out to be. It says "hot humbucker sound" but I dont think it sounds like a humbucker personally. Maybe its different in the bridge position, but I dont find it that useful.
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thanks for all the replies. i think im gonna hold off on getting the red, but maybe switching it with a hot gold. opinions?