***s up guys, i haven't really played my guitar much in the past year, mostly because after the first few months i lost most of my skill and just got frustrated every time i picked it up. that effect was complemented by the fact that since i wasn't playing it, i wasn't maintaining it. it actually leaned against my wall outside of the case most of the time. Before I stopped playing, it had a few tiny issues: slight buzzing near the 15th fret, as well as a few other places on the neck. Now that i haven't maintained it, fretting the 15th on the 3rd string at a 'normal' pressure gives me the note from the 16th fret, and if i fret 16, i get 16, so its almost like i have to 16 frets, if that makes sense lol. i also want to have the floyd properly set up, because i really don't like messing with them. all in all i think it needs a fret leveling, truss rod adjustment, bridge height + angle adjusment, and new pickups. I played an epiphone thru a peavey 5150 today and it made me realize how$h!tty my pickups really are.

btw i have an ibanez rg520qs with a few custom features. scalloped the fretboard (myself) and installed a killswitch and a volume/tone control knob bypass switch (myself) lol. stock pickups tho, ibanez v7 at neck and v8 at bridge. i hate them. looking for more of a full, bright, but at the same time thick and crunchy sound, something like the epiphone i played today lol. it was a les paul style, not exactly sure what kind tho. i think it was the amp that made it sounds great. any recommendations on pickups?

and back to my original q, anyone know a good (but cheap) guitar tech in nyc? queens preferably
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You mod it that much and then just stop? Thats a bit weird. An amp affects your sound more than your pickups, but they do contribute. DiMarzio super distortion's are nice.
Do you have a Peavey 5150? No? If not, then it's most likely your amp, not your pickups, that are ****ty. You even said so yourself,
"i think it was the amp that made it sounds great."
So why do you want new pickups? Tell us what amp you have... and as far as the setting up goes, I'm not in NYC, but there is this thread, along with others.
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dont have my amp right now, but when i did, its a fender multichorus of some sort, i put the guitar thru a plethora of boss effects into the amp and it was pretty awesome, but it still needed a bit more. i have a boss od-20, boss chorus pedal (old), and a boss dd-6 on the bcb-60 i think its called, just a pedal board.

and it is odd that i just stopped playing right? lol its only cuz i moved to nyc and didn't get to bring my amp, so ive been playing thru a lil $30 marshall pocket amp, which is really not entertaining. it sounds like crap lol.

edit: @asfastasdark

i actually did read that thread. in fact it was the first thing i read when i got into the forum today. i found it quite interesting and did get some good info out of it. my favorite part was actually this:

"3. Before asking a question read the FAQ, use the search function and check the archive forum. If your question has been answered then please don?t ask again! If you cannot find the answer or need additional information please post."

thanks =D
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