Hey. Im looking into starting to play some stuff like Silversun Pickups and The Airbourne Toxic Event...things like that. Im thinking I should probably get a fuzz pedal and a delay pedal at least, not sure what else. Any suggestions for pedals or anything else I might need to look into? Not worried about price, but I would like to keep it somewhat cheap. Im using a Peavey Bandit 112 amp, but hopefully upgrading soon. Any suggestion? Thanks in advance.
You dont need much else than those 2. Id say get a OD over a fuzz but its up to you.
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I wasnt sure because I read an interview where the guitarist from Silversun Pickups said he uses several fuzz pedals. Are there any specific pedals you would recommend? Anyone?
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if i had to pick two i'd get an OD and a delay, but if you want a fuzz they can be great to have

for delay you'd need to decide whether you want analog or digital. For digital something like a DD3 and for analog maybe a MXR carbon copy or Malekko Ekko 616.

For the overdrive probably a fulltone OCD but there's a danelectro cool cat (i think) clone of it that's pretty good too.

I'm not too sure about fuzz pedals but I think a big muff would suit you
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