im fixin to buy some good speakers for country rock to put in my brand new avatar cab. i use voxy sounding amps into my cabs. i play a tele standard and a standard les paul. i dont have money for alnico speakers but i heard the G12 greenback and G12h30 combo is a real winner.
good ol made in america speakers darn tootin!
god bless america.

please dont take this seriously
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flame off guys, when asking for advice like this the last thing he needs is for people to start telling him how much you don't like country(i don't really). country production is one of the most meticulous and 'best' sounding production out there. they spare no expense.

so onto the meat. the g12M-25 and g12H-30 are more known for classic rock. the g12M is usually regarded as a woody sounding speaker with early breakup, the H is just a 50 oz magnet version of M and is known for more low end and a 'syrupy' sound. these will get you by with country but you will be missing a bit of 'sparkle' and 'twang' with that setup.

really, i am a big believer in alnico speakers for country. the alnico blue is very popular, but i feel you can get something equivalent or better for cheaper. i want to say the eminence 'red fang' speaker is a higher wattage version of the alnico blue. i am a much bigger fan of Ted Weber's speakers. you can either go with one of his numerous jenson copies(for that shimmery clean fender tone) or one of his celestion copies. Brad Paisley's signature Dr. Z actually comes equipped with 2 webers(1 alnico 12" Silver Bell and 1 alnico 12" Blue Dog, which are copies of an marshall speaker and an old vox speaker/pre-rola alnico blue respectively). this is similar to the speakers i run but i got my silver bell with a ceramic speaker so that i would have a bit different tone for rock applications. i am planning on getting 2 california high power series speakers(old fender jenson copies) from weber eventually as well.

any of those would be a safe bet, but that alnico is a very musical magnet and would definitely recommend them. there is some great info on weber's site about why alnico is so musical and what exactly it does.

@stratmaster2: i love that avatar. i love that band
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