I think my pickups are set up too high. When I play my pick scrapes the pickups a lot, messing up my playing. How do I adjust the pickups to make them lower, and will this effect my sound too much?
well we dont know how high they are...take a pic and let us see...

and if you lowere or raise pickups,it does alter the sound

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IMO, you would probably be safe to lower them a bit. Not too much, though. You would probably notice your sound gets a little bit more of an open, full tone to it. As to how you would do it, there are usually 2 little bolts, one on each side of the pickup, that when twisted will either raise or lower the pup. I think it goes up when you turn it right and down when you turn left but I could be wrong.
well what kind of guitar do you have? if you have a middle pup, are you hitting that one for the bridge pup? i cant play on strats very easily since i hit the middle pup with my pick and also with my thumb when im playing fingerstyle. give us more detail. also, measure the height in MMs both by the 1st string and 6th string. my heights range from 2mm to almost 4mm but that one might be too high. i havent taken the time yet to get it properly adjusted

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I only have two. I'm not sure of the make, it's a beginner Ibanez starter pack guitar, if that helps anything.

Front one

Back one. It's a bit uneven.

It's only really a problem during palm muting because otherwise I pick between the two pickups
wow how are you hitting the bridge pup when you palm mute? im about a full inch ahead of it when i PM. your height looks fine, maybe you should reconsider where you pick when you PM? take a SMALLER picture of your hand as if you're palm muting. are you putting the pick underneath your hand esentially?

7 String+ ERG Legion!!

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They do seem a bit close, but out of curiosity how high up are you holding the pick?
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Interesting question...
I can't really PM any higher up, or else I'm at the neck, or any lower, or else I'm on the bridge. My area I have to work with is pretty tiny.

I can go up a bit higher, but I'll still be on the back pickup which ruins the sound.
Wait a second. How are you palm muting? Also, I can't tell what I'm looking at in the earlier pictures except for the last one.
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Isnt the "correct" way to palm mute to put your hand paritly on the bridge and paritly on the strings? At least thats how i do it.
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/\ what he said

Its also because you hold the pick really weird which makes your hand extend quite a bit