I've been experimenting with effects for the past 2 months. Right now I'm desperately trying to find a good "alternative/hard rock" pedal. I'm looking for something that isn't exactly vintage/classic or pop rock but not exactly black/death/heavy metal either. I bought a "Fat Sandwich" pedal at a GC recently and loved the sound in shop, hated the sound in home. Hopefully y'all can offer something with a bit of a track record.

I play through a proco rat II for my classic stuff, does great imo. I play an American Fender deluxe with a Humbucker in the bridge. I normally play through a Peavey Classic 50 amp as well. The pedal needs to be able to sound good and full during solos and rhythm. The humbucker is kinda tame so I'd like something that can pick up some great pinch harmonics. (I really like the tone of the rhythm guitar in the intro of Welcome Home by Coheed and Cambria if that can help out at all...) My budget is anywhere between $50-$200

As for a delay pedal I need something that works well with both my distortion pedals... I play through a digitech chorus and a bbe wah that need to all sorta mesh together too... As for the sound I'm going for I'd love a pedal that can pull off "The Echo Song" by Paul Gilbert but can also pull off trippy Pink Floyd style delays... My budget for my delay can range from anywhere to $50-$250 (I really like delay and I want to get one that will last me a long time.)

Thanks so much for your time and the suggestions!
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I really like my Hardwire Tube OD. It is also really versatile if you don't mind taking the time to tweak the knobs. I've been able to get everything from light, bluesy sounds to (almost) all-out metal.

I can't help you with a delay though. Sorry.
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A TS-9 could even boost your classic 50, I guess.
But if you're set on a distortion pedal, the MI Audio Crunch Box sounds like it should be a good bet.
For delay's, I'm not sure what you want. On "The Echo Song" it's a digital delay, but I'm not sure what Pink Floyd uses (could be analog). You also have to decide how much you want from your delay. If you just want a simple delay, not features, a Boss DD-3 is a good digital one, and a EHX Memory Boy is a good analog one.
But if you want more... Boss DD-7, EHX Memory Digital Memory Man, Line 6 DL4, are all good digital delays. For analog... I dont really know, I'm not the biggest fan of analog delays.
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Memory Boy something to consider, though the Malekko has more options and sounds better to my ears. I'd go with the 616.

The Rat doesn't boost your dirty channel enough? My Rat boosts my JCM 800 clone fine and it gets pretty heavy.
I have tried a few diff. delays and realy like the digitech x-series . Very versitile delays from 10ms up to 4 sec,tape delay,mod delay(I like this one with a tube screamer very nice harmonics and overtones),reverse delay and a small loop which is good for getting gilmourish sound on sound effect.
This pedal cost me 2 years ago full pop under $200