Hey guys, I'd like some feedback mainly on my voice and ability as a vocalist for a rock band.


And the track "Devil Woman" on my profile page... just something me and my buddy whipped up one day. http://profile.ultimate-guitar.com/Superstrat101/

Thanks for taking your time to check it out!
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You display good microphone technique, you keep your head at a good distance from the mic and don't look at the strings. You also sing in the correct rhythm. You are also smiling, visibly enjoying yourself.

Unfortunately they're the only good points. You have forfeited any melody the vocal line had into the form of shouting incomprehensible words. There are obviously no dynamics employed because it's a constant shout.

Just break the song down, consider the vocals as a separate instrument. Practice singing it without the guitar and see if you can create a melody line. When a lot of singers appear to be shouting, they are usually incorporating a technique which sounds like they are, when in fact, they are not. It's a simple beginners error.

Keep up the singing though - one day you'll look back at this vid and laugh. I too have my own vocal nightmares forever living on youtube. It's a good way to measure how far you've come.
And no, Guitar Hero will not help. Even on expert. Really.