Hi, just wondering if anybody knows who manufactures fret wire for Gibson, The large frets is what i have in mind, the normal on SGs and Les Pauls, thx
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Why? If you need more, go to Stew Mac or something.
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Yeah, man,
Just take a couple measurements of the fretwire in the guitars, or even just go look up the size of the fretwire, and buy some from stewmac.
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^ that is basicly what i think he is saying about any and all fretwire, unless he just hasnt looked and is asking us what would work...

but yeah, im guessing he just wants it replaced with gibson frets so he can have all gibson parts yadda yadda. ect. ect.

pretty much any fretwire will work, you might have to mesure your frets tho.
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That said, Jescar is Gibson's supplier for fret wire, and since it's the best made wire around in my experience, you might as well go with it anyway (though not because it's Gibson original, but because it's rolled cleaner, more precisely, and to a harder temper than most others). You probably won't be able to buy direct from them (I order several pound rolls at a time), but there are companies like LMII, or Allied Lutherie that stock some of their sized in smaller quantities

If LMII or Allied don't have the size you're looking for in the quantity you want, go with StewMac. Their wire is excellent as well, and arguably every bit as good as Jescar's in practical terms. Hardness is comparable, and cleanliness and consistency is excellent as well. Either choice is better than Dunlop's wire in my experience, which I grew so sick of that I quit using it entirely several years back.

I had a quick look at their site and it looks like you can buy small amounts of fretwire.

How far does 1 pound go? It seems fairly cheap compared to most aussie suppliers.
Antique electronics sells precut gibson fret wire in a package. Stewmac does have fretwire but allparts has a much better selection.