Verse 1:
I thought Id change the world for tomorrow
I thought Id make things better for today
now just look at this,I've made things all the worst
to make this work,we all have to pay
I thought of peace but brought us only pain

Verse 2:
So shot the bullets in to the sky
and watch the children wait to die
you hear them cry, as there friends all die
you see them try to stand and fight
but get shot down by hails of fire
I thought of peace but brought us only pain

what will we do,when will they come,who will we trust
why will we stay,where will we die, what can we say
I thought of peace but brought us pain
I've got nothing left to lose,I'm not afraid to die
To war i must go,to hell with the world
I'm done with peace Its time to fight

Verse 3:
Now lift the sword,get ready to fight
Its now or never,its all we have left
Get the world ready,we wont back down
lets charge the world,lets bring the peace by force
will you fight for all that true,or live like all the other fools
we come with peace now here it comes

Please dont kill me for the spelling and I did this during my boring as **** goverment class its my first full song thats not of some girl lol so yeah any tips on making it better is welcome
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