hey guys, i am sure alot of you people must have heard about prize rebel right? if not, its a sight were you fill out advertizing surveys and they give you points for it. most of your points dont come for like 24 hours, but it doesnt take that long, and you can use tons of different mods like roboform to fill them out in a flash. its not very difficult, and im going to use it to buy lots of cool stuff as soon as i have enough points. if your interested, follow this link to it were you can sign up. your going to want to enter all legit info into the serveys, but do so using roboform, youll want a real adress, phone number, ect. this will not ask you for credit card info, or require you to call in or text or any of that crap. you can buy pretty much anything you want, if they dont have in their stock then you can send them a link from the site that has your item and thell special order it for you, no extra charge. this site is 100% free and will not stab you int he back or mess your poop up in any way.

here is the link SORRY BUB

camel time theo
I would imagine that blatant advertising like this is kinda against the rules
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howbout instead, you just dont advertise on UG. reported.
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