To play these, how do you mute out the middle string, while maintaining a clear sound both of the intended notes? I mute it by resting a finger on it, but never seem to get a great sound out of it. I'm seeing these in many songs that I go to learn, and hate when they come up because they don't sound great when I do them. Am I doing it right, but simply have to figure out the perfect technique, or is there a different way? Thanks.
I will usually play with my finger lightly on top of the middle string on a note that is normally in the chord.


(10) is where i put my finger.

This is just how i do it someone wiser might know the proper way.
I think you've got the right idea, just work on it. I actually play octaves like that with my index finger and pinky fretting the notes and my middle finger mute the low E (not necessary, just comfortable for me), my index laying gently on the D string to mute it, and then my pinky rest across the B and high E string to mute them. That's just how I've gotten comfortable playing it. You could also do it similarly with your index and ring fingers, just go with what feels/sounds good.
I just make sort of a barre with my index finger. But it's a terrible barre. So only the string that the tip of my index finger is on actually rings out, and the rest of the strings are muted. And then I use my middle finger to mute the low E so I can just strum straight across and only play the intended notes.
Index on 8, Middle on 10. Let the index lean back enough that it makes contact with the middle string and prevents it from ringing out. It'll make a little plunk still if you pick it by itself but it shouldn't be noticable over the two fretted notes in the chord when strummed. It just takes a little getting used to, you'll be able to do it reliably in no time. Maybe play "All the Small Things" by Blink 182 to get some practice transitioning into them
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is there a reason this is Tabed like this instead of using a "X" for mute? is it because the X is intended vs a blank is supposed to mean no sound?

i always thought this kind of tab was supposed to be finger plucked @_@
I usually play with my pick hitting the bottom string and my middle or ring finger hitting the top string. Not sure if its the right way but whatever it works for me.
fret the 8 and kinda lightly barre the middle string with your first finger but don't actually fret the middle kind just lay your finger on top of the string. then fret the 10 with your ring finger
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fret the 8th fret with your first finger and lightly rest that finger on the remaining strings and also you should also use that first finger to touch the string below it too so that string is also muted.
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I probably use my index on the lower string and kinda "barre" the other strings but not really press them just mute them, with my ring finger press the other note. If I'm doing this on the A and G strings I may use my middle finger to mute the low E string.