I bought a used Crate Amp a couple weeks ago and this marked my move from acoustic to electric, so I'm mostly clueless at this point. The guy gave me the footswitch that came with it... I'm assuming it's this one since they look identical:

My problem with this is that in order to access Channel 1 and 2, you have to full around with the Reverb plug at the top of the footswitch. If it's plugged all the way in, I can have access to Channel 1. However, if I want access to #2 I have to unplug it to a halfway point, which allows me access to Channel 2 but not channel 1. My question is probably pretty obvious so far but I'm wondering is there any way that I can just be able to have access to the first 2 channels at any point in time without fooling around with the plug? It's kind of difficult to go in and out of channels if I have to stop playing and pull out or push in the plug. I ask this with the thought of having to buy another footswitch to replace my current one. I came across this Crate footswitch

but i have no idea if it'll be better... Id anyone has any advice I'd appreciate it. If you need any more info just let me know.