Camcorder. Video games are dumb.
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Camcorder!! Make memories.
'member The Pit of 10'? oH, I 'member!

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you cant get a good camcorder for the price of a wii. get the wii if you wanna have fun playing games, go with the camcorder if you want to buy a beyond basic camcorder.
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Wow what a ridiculous question. How can any of us give you any meaningful input knowing nothing about you?

Get a wii.
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what's the point in being "philiosophical"?

Interesting question...
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Camcorder. Video games are dumb.

This guy's got the right idea. Create things TS, don't sit mindlessly in front of a tube.
I have both and I get way more use out of my Camera.. I haven't played my Wii since around February, it just gets boring fast, and I'm a gamer, and still I say this. Wii just sucks.
You're not exactly gonna get an amazing camcorder for the price of a Wii, but hey man, you can use it to make your own pr0nz.
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Wii. Camcorders are dumb.

Well, not really. But a Wii would be much cheaper than a good one.
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wii = fun with friends
camcorder = capturing fun memories. Or making epic youtube videos, it's all the same.

I would personally go with the wii, or try and get a camcorder secondhand.
Camcorder. Create something that lasts forever. Potential for anything really.

Games are dumb and a total waste of time unless you want to be in the military one day.
ya alright i think il get a camcorder, oh and the money isnt an issue. Those were just some choises, i was gonna get a wii cause i have 4 sisters and brothers and they want one but whatevs its my money and im gonna make some vids