Poll: Do you read your schools' newspaper?
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I read every/almost every issue.
16 28%
I never read it.
21 36%
I read it once in a while if it's lying around.
21 36%
Voters: 58.
I write for my school paper and I was wondering, how many of you actually take the time to read your schools' newspaper? As a member of the staff, I can say that we work damn hard, and it's probably of the most hectic elective classes out there. How many of you actually care?
miine is the longest running school papaer in the US or the east coast i believe?
James M.Coughlin HS.
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If its free and while I glance through I find something interesting in it then yes, if not no.
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We don't even have a proper newspaper at my school, it's more like a magazine that's published three times a year. I do read that though....


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I like reading it when it comes out. I usually don't care about the sports section though.

I write for entertainment, so it's all good.
when i went to high school my paper only came rarely...but i checked it out because there was usually something worth reading in it.
We don't have a school newspaper, we have a news show. It plays every Wednesday right before break and it plays during class time.
if you want people to take note of your work TS, join yearbook. i did it for 3 years in high school and i always enjoyed it.

ill read the campus newspaper if its lying around. usually the cover stories are pretty good, but other than that its a lot of stuff that im not really interested in.
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We don't even have a school newspaper
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We don't even have a proper newspaper at my school, it's more like a magazine that's published three times a year. I do read that though....

This, and it's not run by students.
However, the yearbook is put together by Year 11s, and Year 10s (my grade) do House Magazine and this International/cultural magazine. I'm on house mag committee this year (I get house colours YAY), it's pretty tough, we don't get much time to put it together.
My high school didn't have a newspaper...

I've read my uni newspaper like twice or thrice or so, but only cos I was that bored.
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Nope. I read it once realized everyone who was writing it was a dolt and promptly put it down and never read it again.
I read it, but we only get about 5 issues a year and they are always terribly written.
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I read it, but we only get about 5 issues a year and they are always terribly written.

Same for me. Mine tries to be funny but falls flat on its face
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yep, Indiana University Daily Student. "Pick it up for the sports section, keep reading for the curse words."
I also write for our school paper... The job is kinda boring though. I enjoy being in our school's music group more. I have about five articles that I haven't written yet (LOL) and I think I'm gonna get kicked out soon (well, at least there's no more hassle! haha)...
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Would read this when I would see one laying on a seat somewhere and was waiting for lecture to start or if lecture was boring. They got pretty good circulation just from the paper being strewn around campus class rooms. Sometimes its not too good, but I remember my freshman year they had some absolutely hilarious articles.

My high schools didn't have papers, at least not that I knew of.
We just got some shady yellow news letter which came out whenever they could be arsed to write one.