for those of you who don't know it, apache is a great song from the 60s

here's my modern version of it, i kind of stick to the original structure but then there's a solo at the end (what's a song without a solo!!!) ;-P

let me know what you think!!

follow this link, it's the second song in the playlist


Great job man, any chance for tabs?
Mainly the improv-y sounding stuff that you did.

I learnt this a few years back, and it can sound pretty awesome when done like this.
+100 Internets to you.

(Btw, it's originally by The Shadows, not the Ventures)
Dude that's awesome. I'm in marching band and that's one of our standard songs. I've always liked it but never heard it quite like this. I'm glad I took the time out to listen to it.