I'm taking my guitar in to a shop tomorow to put it in there to sell, but i do not know how much to sell it for? and the store owner is going to take about 10% and then hes going to get slapped with taxes so hes going to deduct that to, so, how much should i sell it for asi want to get rid of it?

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their about 1200$ new here but i payed 600$ half price
It's got strap locks that were fitted to this exact guitar, a small 3mm chip on the left point of the headstock

and on the bottom right wing it has 3mm chip and a small crack in the finish where the finish has also chipped off

fretboard is a little worn but that happens with every guitar

all in all, it's still a good guitar, stock pups etc

How much should i sell it for? i'll throw in some pics
it would depend on how long u have had the guitar for, the chips and **** will put the price down 2
If you payed $600 at that store, you offer $500, which may still be more than you can get. If you payed $600 at a different store, I would offer $800.

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