I just received my new (2nd hand) Hayden Peacemaker 60 today. I'll post some pics etc a little later. Everything is pretty damn sweet except for one small problem.

I noticed from playing the first note there was a crackle in the speaker. After much investigating I have diagnosed that it is due to vibrations from playing bass notes. It also gets the same result from giving it a firm tap on the top. I know that its most likely due to bad contact in the electronics somewhere, I gave all the wires a bit of a jiggle in the back to see if that would cause it to go off, ie speaker wires etc, that didn't have an effect.

Can someone suggest where this is potentially coming from? Can I fix it by tightening certain screws or should I take it to a pro? I do have a basic knowledge in electronics and I'm pretty good with my hands so I can probably handle a simple fix.


Edit: I just read on an older thread that it could be something to do with it having microphonic tubes? It said to give one a tap with the eraser of a pencil, if it crackles then they need replacing. Is this a likely cause of my problem? Could someone expand on what this means?
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Is it like a distorting speaker kinda thing? IF so then it's a ****ed speaker. But it could just as easily be a microphonic tube or dirty contact.
To clean the tube sockets, just spray some deoxit on the tube pins and insert/remove the tube a few times, then let it to dry. for the jacks, just spray some deoxit on a cable and insert/remove it.
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Its more of a static sound. I just checked the speakers and it seems to be coming from both of them.... I am definitely not 100% on that though cause its hard to tell.

What is deoxit? I haven't heard of it before. I assume its something I can just get at the hardware store though?
Ok so I have done some research on DeOxit. Is DeOxit D5 what I should be getting? From what I've read it seems that this is made specifically for sound equipment or something similar. Maybe I should get some normal DeOxit PLUS the D5? Or would that be pointless?

I've been in contact with the seller on eBay and he said there was no crackle when he sent the amp over so it obviously happened in transit. This leads me to believe its less likely to be a bad contact and more likely to be something that has been knocked around or broken when it was being shipped...
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