Im starting to teach some students soon and was wandering if anybody had an idea of any good songs or little riffs that are very easy to play to get them interested?

I couldnt really see anything in the 'lessons' section.

Cliche, but Smoke on the water. Also Enter Sandman; Metallica, Come as you are;Nirvana (as ElBarto suggested), Today;Smashing Pumpkins, Almost anything with powerchords (if they struggle with the Octave just leave it out for the time being)

Any 3 or 4 chord songs that use open chords. So Oasis, Green Day (e.g Time Of Your Life), Bob Dylan...the list goes on.

If you are just teaching one on one you could take the initiative to find out what music the student enjoys and then try and find some easy songs from that genre\band before the lesson.