Hey guys, I've been bummed out recently since my EHX Metal Muff died on me and repairing prices are insane.

Anyway, I'm looking to replace my now deceased distortion pedal with something new now. I'm leaning heavily towards simply buying a new MM from Ebay for AU$130 since it got the job so well done last time.

More to the point now, I'm looking for something that when I kick in, will give me an amazing boost for killer solos or just have on all the time for that extra crunch. I've been looking into the Boss Mt-2 but I would much prefer something that has different types of distortion, just like my MM did.

And last but not least, it doesn't have to be a hi-gain distortion pedal. Multi-Effects pedals are out of the question. Any suggestions welcome .
Well when it's not on, I can't get any sound whatsoever out of the amp and when it is on, the distortion is downright pathetic and is probably what you would get from a 1 Watt amp on volume 1.
Don't buy a MT-2...whatever you do! STAY CLEAR OF IT!

I had one, It was a bitch to sell once I realised how ****ing **** the thing was.
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Digitech Hardwire TL-2?
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That might work? I'm guessing you had the regular one without the boost?
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Perhaps a separate booster or even an eq would help? You could also use an OD pedal along with your distortion for a little extra punch... If neither of those things work then you should start looking at the rest of your gear instead, particularly your amp.
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