Hey, looking for any chill people to jam with in the ottawa ontario area, maybe make some tunes. Bands welcome also.

I'm a 21 year old, 6 year guitar player playing mostly rock, pop, blues, indie etc.
I've been singing for a couple years as well. If necessary I can hop onto bass or drums as well.
My live experience is limited to open-mics, which I've done plenty of, but I have the appropriate gear for most small scale gigs.

here's my profile: http://profile.ultimate-guitar.com/mat2140/

These days I'm into almost everything. I've been playing around with production software and synths as well.

Hopefully you like what you hear and get back. Even just some feedback would be sweet.

I'd be open to online collabs as well I suppose. lol.
Hey, if you are still looking for someone to jam with I am also a uni student in ottawa, 23. I play guitar and really I have been looking for a drummer or bassist, but a lead guitarist wouldn't hurt either. I am looking to jam out with some synthy type sounds or ambience, kinda looking for a Jesus & Mary Chain type thing.
Are you still looking? I'm 18, turning 19 and currently in Ottawa, but I'm looking for a singer. Ive got a handful of songs already written and looking for the right people to put them together.
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