So how would i go about playing more in time with things etc

A metronome? but how do you use a metronome?
either play along to your favourite tracks.

Or yeah use a metronome. It keeps a constant beat going so you just play to the rythm of metronome.
It's "Rhythm." And a metronome clicks at a certain speed that you program it too, thus keeping you in time or making it obvious when you fall out of time.
I am so tired of rhetorical questions. Or am I?
I have never used a metronome, maybe I should have. However, I have been told I'm a pretty good rhythm guitarist playing tunes from Clapton to Megadeth. I suggest playing along with a fav band of yours that isn't too complex and then moving up from there. I always try to vary the styles I practice. For instance playing a bluesy little riff and then moving to palm muted freight train style a la Metallica. It makes it fun as well. Peace.
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The only way to do it is to listen to as much music as possible and play along with it. If you don't have good rhythm then you're pretty much screwed playing guitar, no one will ever want to play with you.

P.S. pick up an acoustic