Frankie Boyle is leaving Just got this off MtW's Facebook status:

Mock The Week has good news and bad news. We're sad to confirm that Frankie Boylehas decided to leave the show and so won't be back for the nextseries... however, the next series is very likely to be coming to screens in January - 6 months earlier than usual!

I still love the show but... sucks


Frankie's suicide note
Today at 16:59
from: Frankie Boyle <news@frankieboyle.com>
reply-to: reply@frankieboylefans.com
date: 2 October 2009 15:02
subject: Hey - Look at this...

My negroes, my bitches, I hope you are well

I have a few things to tell you, Frankie Boyle Club! This week, you should have received the decoding ring that allows you to read the messages on your membership card and badge. If you've not yet received the ring, it must be stuck in the post or we forgot to send it or something. Anyway, both messages read "I am a ****".

My book is oot! Here's a link to a wee sample chunk, in case you're wondering if it's any good:


I'm also doing some more tour dates, including a DVD record at the Apollo on June 4 & 5. Dig it!


And finally, I've decided not to do any more Mock The Week. I've done what feels like a good few thousand of them now and I feel I've mocked the **** out of the week. I salute everybody there (salutes). I'm going to concentrate on next year's tour and some other funny things I'm writing. Be careful out there everybody.

Heil Hitler

Frankie x
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Both Boyle and Mock The Week can eat shit. Fucking awful excuse for comedy. They must be paying O'Brian a hell of a lot of money for him to agree continuing with that abortion of a show.
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no point in watching it now


Just as well I have tickets to see him at the Liverpool Philharmonic Hall next October then
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I'de wait until this time next year for a new series if he was still on it.
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I'de wait until this time next year for a new series if he was still on it.

Agreed. Although, I can see why people might not like him, but in my opinion, he's amazing. As far as I can see, there isn't really anyone who is pushing the limit of what's 'acceptable' as far as he is... Not anyone who is allowed to be shown on TV anyway.


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He was good in the 'To hot for tv' clips. Most of what he said was followed by Dara going 'the producers are wondering if you could actually mention something they can broadcast'.

That was absolutley amazing.
I deeply regret the 6661 in my username. Siiiigh. Damn you, 14 year old me, you edgy little bastard.
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I loved frankie's rants.

He was good in the 'To hot for tv' clips. Most of what he said was followed by Dara going 'the producers are wondering if you could actually mention something they can broadcast'.
I don't find Frankie Boyle funny in the slightest. The premise of the show is pretty **** too, and it makes it even worst when pretty much everyone on that show isn't funny. God, I hate Mock The Week.

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They best replace him with Billy Connolly, then mock the week would be even better

its sad to see him go though
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I don't think I've EVER come across a more overrated show. Frankie Boyle is quite funny though, when he does stand-up anyway.

I was surprised Buzzcocks was still funny, hadn't seen it for ages.
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That's kind of a shame. They best replace him with David Mitchell. Even though he wasn't very good in the last episode of the series. Seemed like he was trying to hard to be like Frankie.

However, if they were to hire John Oliver or David Mitchell in Frankie's place as captain, the show would be even better.
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