ok so im in the market for a new stick,

im currently pretty set on an esp standard nt ii, but i already have a ltd h-500 so im considering something different, ibanez seem lovely but im not a big fan of locking systems (if the guitar is that good i dont mind), i want a nice guitar no cheap ****, i play technical death metal, so please guys

point me in a direction
Well, I'll point you in the direction I plan on going too, I've been lookign around for a new cheap 7 string guitar(which are alot more fun to play than a 6 string) and I found this by Ibanez: http://www.mattsmusic4u.com/browse.cfm/guitars/electric-guitar/ibanez/ibanez-rg-fixed-rg7321fm-electric-guitar-blackberry-sunburst-7-string/4,1136.html

This is what I'm currently looking at.

But if your not into 7 strings then I would reccomend mabey a hard tail RG, or mabey an SG, SG's have been used in every genra of music.
thanks for the help dude

i look into the hardtails!!

haha i think i would get knocked out if i rocked up to a gig with an sg detuned to a with emgs, seems like a sin