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So, i bought myself the Boss PS-5 Super Shifter last Christmas and haven't had a chance to use it because i tune to Eb or half a step down. So has anyone got any ideas on how to use this pedal on the Harmonist function half a step down?

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stick it in the key that has the most notes that match what ur playing
Just look in what key you're playing (not always Eb) and then adjust it...
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B major has the most sharp notes (of the non accidental keys) so try there first. It should give the most accurate harmony if ur playing notes on the guitar that would normally be non accidentals...
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Well i usually play in Drop Db/C# actually so could you help me with that?
It doesnt matter what tuning ur in its the key ur in that this thing uses. If ur tuned 1/2 down or 1 1/2 down you could still be playing notes in Em.

Look at the notes in the scale ur playing then look at a key chart and find the one that has the most notes in common, seeing as the boss only does non accidental keys ur gonna have to compramise
I meant i usually play in the key of Drop Db/C# haha
I will do though if i have anymore problems i'll be back on here asking to see if anyone knows why!
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