So I have a Jackson DK2 Dinky guitar currently tuned to E Standard, but of course the damn thing has that wretched Floyd Rose technology. It's driving me insane and I want to tune down to at least D Standard. The problem is I have no idea how to properly adjust the tension, action or intonation, and I think D is a relatively big leap from E. I definitely don't want to **** anything up but I don't want to stay in E Standard. I would prefer if I didn't have to take it to a tech although if that's the only way to ensure that nothing bad happens then I will. Does anyone have any tips or good sites for this kind of thing? Thanks in advance.
Tune all the strings down. Now look at the Floyd and notice that it will be tipped backwards. Now loosen the springs in the back by turning the screws to the left. Just loosen them a little and re-tune. Look at the Floyd to see if it is even with the body. If not, then repeat until the Floyd is even with the body.
i use 9's and can tune a step down with my FR. if you get thicker strings you wont have to adjust the tension that much. i think its a waste of money to bring it to a tech. just make sure the FR is parallel to the guitar body and you should be all set
I bought some 11s today, will those do? Anyway I might give it a shot, I don't think I'll manage to do something absolutely fatal.
I was scared s--tless the day I got my RR3, and decided to adjust the FR since it was not setup well. Anyways, after finally getting the courage together, I adjusted the screws a bit, and noticed everything was fine. Your just scared, like I was, its probably normal. But dont worry man. Unlock the screws at the top before tuning. Take it slow man and you'll be fine.
See, it's post like this which make me afraid to do it. Some say it's piss easy and doesn't affect anything but others say it'll make your guitar implode. I really don't know who to listen to. Maybe I should read up on it for a few more hours or take it to a tech tomorrow just to play it safe, but I don't really see a reason to if it's really as harmless as Dookie92 describes it to be.
Just go ahead, read the guides and watch a few youtube videos.
Take it easy and when you've managed to do it yourself it's so rewarding.
You won't be dependant of music stores or luthiers anymore.
Floyd Roses are not difficult at all to maintain, it just takes a bit more work than standard tremolos. If you are tuning to D standard, definitely bump up to 11's or 12's. Take off strings, put the new ones on and when you tune to pitch (D standard), check the level of the bridge, making sure it's not pulled too up (too much tension from strings) or sunk too down (too little tension from strings). Adjust the level of the bridge from the back of the guitar. Intonation and everything else can be found on the website. Easy, but tedious, just like changing to different gauge strings for every guitar.
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I'd just do it yourself...watch a couple videos on youtube. You're not going to do any real damage to your guitar.