I need ten Megadeth/Metallica songs to learn. You can suggest other bands if you'd like, but I'm mentioning Megadeth/Metallica right now because from experience they have the best rhythm parts.

Anyway, I need to get a Megadeth and/or Metallica song for each difficulty from 1-10, including any solos that may be present. 1 is a song that's braindead easy, like For Whom the Bell Tolls, 10 is a song that rapes your mother, like Good Mourning/Black Friday. I'm trying to learn some FULL songs so that I can actually play along to them and try to get better, but I really have a tough time playing rhythm when a solo's playing and I start messing up because the rhythm under solos is much less audible, so I need to just progress through full songs in lead.
The entire Rust in Peace album. Specifically "Tornado of Souls" "Take No Prisoners" "Holy Wars" "Hanger 18" "Lucretia" "Five Magics" "Rust in Peace...Polaris" and "Poison Was the Cure"

I find megadeth to be a lot harder than metallica songs

1. enter sandman
2. for whom the bells toll
3. Orion
4.fade to black
7.rust in peace polaris
8. hangar 18
9. holy wars
10. blackend

then move onto some pantera lol art of shredding for example and of course cowboys from hell...
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1 - Enter Sandman / Of Wolf and Man
2 - A Tout Le Monde
3 - To Live is to Die
4 - Seek and Destroy
5 - Fade to Black
6 - Welcome Home Sanitarium
7 - And Justice for All
8 - Master of Puppets
9 - Take No Prisoners
10 - Hangar 18

Maybe something like this...... It's hard to say, some of them may be out of order because of solos or whatever but this was off the top of my head. Hope it helps.

- Justin
1. Fade to Black
2. Wherever I May Roam
3. Sweating Bullets
4. Seek and Destroy
5. Four Horsemen
6. Foreclosure of a Dream
7. Five Magics
8. Hanger 18
9. Holy Wars
10. Tornado of Souls
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I don't really know where you are at musically but to be a good lead player you must be a great rhythm player so don't skip out on those "backing" riffs during solos.

Symphony Of Destruction
Peace Sells
Harvester Of Sorrow
Ride The Lightning
The Four Horsemen
Bad Omen
Kick The Chair
Holy Wars

Really take your time to learn the riffs inside out if you want to play them fast and accurate.

If you like to Thrash check out Testament's Practice What You Preach and The New Order, Annihilator's Never, Neverland and Sacrifice's Soldiers Of Misfortune.

Symphony of Destruction and Peace Sells are by no means beginner songs (excluding the main riffs, but the TS wanted full songs). They aren't advanced, but the solos are quite fast and definitely aren't braindead easy.

My list:

1. For Whom the Bells Toll
2. Enter Sandman/A Tout Le Monde
3. Fade to Black (If you can play song in full this you are halfway there)
4. One/Symphony of Destruction
5. Seek and Destroy/Peace Sells/Master of Puppets
6. Blackened/Dyers Eve/Holy Wars (blackened and dyers eve are the toughest metallica songs out there IMO)
7. Tornado of Souls
8. Hangar 18/Five Magics (probably the two toughest songs there are from both bands)
9. Scarified by Racer X
10. Tender Surrender by Steve Vai, Altitudes by Jason Becker
Holy Wars is something I've been learning lately. It's somewhat challenging but incredibly fun to play.
Seek and destroy is a great song to learn, as is Motorbreath.

From Megadeth, I concur..Peace Sells
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