A song I wrote. The style would be Melodic Metalcore.

Fallen Roses

With the power in your hand you wish
to strike them, strike down the innocent
and innocence itself! With the blood on you hands
you seek to drown, drown the innocent and innocence

Oh the blood is on your hands!
their death in your mind, as your
hands close around the blade of the knife!

Outside the wolf howling, inside
the beast is prowling, inside their hearts are dying
inside they'll know no sunshine as the grey veil
of this world closes over them!

Oh can you see them running?
can you see them playing?
But your only wish is to see them bowing!

can you hear the crying? the innocence is dying
and the blood is on your hands!

Ring out!
Ring out!
Scream out!
Scream out!

outside a shotgun firing, inside their all dying
with one last call, your words cut the veins
and let the youthful blood spill, your heart has been
dead for so long!
I can see how this could work in a metal type song, which is what I'm assuming you're righting it for.
But I don't really see anything particularly interesting in it. Just another cliched over done metal song that just kind of scratches the surface of the overdone topic.
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