For my college American History class, I have to write about 3 pages worth of letters written as a fictional character to my fictional girlfriend, as an american soldier during the Vietnam war. I need advice on what to talk about to fill up that many pages. I could describe horrible battles I see, but the thing is I need sources on just about every detail I put in.
Anyone know any good sites, or in general some ideas as to what my character should talk about?
Watch some non patriotic Vietnam-war movies and look up some major war events.

I think this is a thread for Fassa.
Why don't you just buy a book about it? Though you could talk about the Tet Offensive, the Mylai Massacre. The dessertation levels, conscription, widescale drug use. The struggles of fighting against Querella (sp?) forces. There are loads of things.
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Talk about the drugs.

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The problem is, Im too short on time to find a book. It's due in a couple of days, and with work and many other things I have to do this weekend, I only have a few hours today to really get most of it done.
Watch Platoon and Apocalypse Now
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Watch the South Park episode where Jim talks about Nam. I guess it was pretty depressing when they took their log slide away.
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