After ordering a Fender CD-60 online today I get a email 4 hours later saying the product is out of stock. As it's the second time I ordered an out of stock product they offer me a Epiphone AJ-100 for the same price.

My only problem is the description says it's a Jumbo guitar? I'm only 5'6 so size does matter. Checking the measurements it seems it's the same length as the Yamaha F310.

So, does anybody know if it's the actual size of a jumbo guitar or just the shape?

i'm 5' 3" and i play jumbos more easily than dreads, but this isn't really a jumbo jumbo - it's more a jumbo dread. it is probably just a bigger lower bout. i was pretty unimpressed with the AJ-100 when i tried it. i'm not a fan of laminate guitars, but even so the fender had - imo - a better build quality than the epi.

btw, the AJ-100 usually costs LESS than the CD-60 as you can see here


you might want to check the yamaha fg700s as it has a solid top for the same money as the fender.