3 songs I recently recorded are here on my UG profile


Experimental/Instrumental/Metal/Drone is what I would classify my style as, maybe some more strange sub-genres would be more accurate.

I don't care how bad you're criticism is, so far I've only had uneducated positive reactions from a couple of friends...
I would say you need to work on your flow. The parts of the songs seem kind of maybe "bit off" is the right phrase. Like staccato. You need to loosen up a little. Be less rigid. Relax your arm a little maybe. It sounds like you're tense.
Hmm... my guitar teacher must have emphasized staccato too much.
I had to record with low gain on the mic, so that might have something to do with it on the classical style one. That's the song I'm more worried about with technique and sound. The other two songs were just for fun fooling around with effects on the recorder, so I'm just wondering if those are enjoyable or not.