When my band performs live, we do this sort of a medley of songs.
Currently, we do Stand By Me, into Beautiful Girls, into The Girl (city and colour).
What were looking for is more songs that fit into this same scheme, having the same key and the same chords.
We use Capo 2, and the chords we use are G, Em, C, D, and A. (so the Em we play is actually in F#m)
Other ideas we had for songs that fir are Blitzkrieg Bop, the KKK took my baby away, Last Caress, Viva La Vida, Bizarre love triangle, Pistol (Dustin Kensrue)
They all use the same general chord progression, and im looking for more that fit into this same scheme, any thoughts?
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There's a set list thread somewhere on UG.


musical question? i think ur on the wrong forum.
i always come to UG for a tab, but get sucked into the pit

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what he said.^

i love qotsa

enjoy it.
Dude, Beautiful Girls segues perfectly into I Cum Blood.
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Quote by woodenbandman
Dude, Beautiful Girls segues perfectly into I Cum Blood.